Property Law including Conveyancing

Buying and selling property is a potentially stressful experience, especially if you do it without proper legal advice.

We can help you before and after you sign the contract. We have the expertise and the technology to make the experience as stress free as possible .

Purchasing a Property

The Process:

  • We search the title for any hidden glitches.This can be especially important with cross lease properties.
  • After you sign the contract we work with you to satisfy any conditions.
  • We can negotiate positive outcomes on your behalf.
  • We prepare the mortgage documents for you to sign.
  • We attend to settlement and report to you the same day settlement occurs.

Selling a Property

The Process:

  • We actively monitor compliance with the contract’s conditions.
  • When the contract is unconditional we contact your bank to repay the mortgage.
  • We collect the deposit.
  • We issue settlement statements.
  • We call you into to sign the transfer, and get your payment instructions.
  • We collect the funds from your purchasers solicitor and pay the mortgage off if you have one.
  • We bank the surplus funds into your account the same day of settlement